Payment Gateway

Secure and Smooth online payment processing

A payment gateway allows the transfer of information between a payment portal and an acquiring bank. Payment gateway can process all payment cards like debit and credit cards and other forms of online payment. ELivePay offers highly secure online payment gateway services across the world.

Our payment gateway service insures you to take safe and secure credit, debit card or online payments. We use multi-payment servers, which protect your business from long waits and denial of services. Our secure payment gateway can handle various payment options such as Deferred Payments, Recurring Payments, Mail or Telephone Orders (MOTO) and e-Invoice Payments. Our Payment Gateway provides the complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure secure, reliable, fast, real-time transactions.

Key Benefits of Payment Gateways arranged by us
  • Accept all payment cards including debit and credit cards with fast, secure account verification.
  • Broad Connectivity.
  • secure, reliable fast and real-time transactions.
  • Value-Added Services.
  • Fraud Management.
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting.
  • Processor Flexibility.
  • An Emphasis on Security.

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