MOTO - Mail Order / Telephone Order

Our MOTO service allows you to do business form anywhere. Service processes your credit card payments manually to accept mail orders, phone and fax.

Our MOTO solution is a service, where the credit card is not physically swiped through a terminal. This type of transaction includes mail order, telephone and internet.

A MOTO terminal is a web-based interface that enables merchants with the functionality and connectivity to manually process credit card & online Banking payments. Our MOTO terminal service enables your business to process credit card transactions and refund transactions over the phone or mail. It is an interface that enables payment approval, real-time processing and accepts all credit card payments.

With MOTO facility offered by us, you can accept both online and offline transactions securely through inbuilt automatic approval receipt system that enables instant confirmation to your customers.
Key features
  • Enables you to accept card payments for purchases made by mail, phone, fax or secure email.
  • Immediate online authorization.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Access to online processing of administrative functions like voids & refunds and viewing of transaction records.
Benefits of our MOTO terminal services
  • Process payments instantly from anywhere across the world.
  • Provide another payment options to customers who do not want to pay online.
  • Automated processing of credit and debit card transactions.
  • No need to phone for authorization.
  • Accept mail, fax, and phone order.
  • Enable your call center to accept payments over the phone.

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