Merchant Account

A merchant account is an account that authorizes businesses to accept payments by different payment cards such as credit or debit cards Or via internet banking and we can get you a merchant account by facilitating a formal agreement with a merchant acquiring bank and you.

ELivePay is a leading provider of merchant accounts services as we have tied-up with more than 200 banks or independent sales organizations (ISO). With our years of experience in processing merchant account applications, We can offer smooth, hassle-free and time saving merchant account services in more than 190 countries.

We are experts in arranging these following merchant accounts

Retail merchant accounts
A retail merchant account is a low risk merchant account that allows shops and other retail stores to accept credit card payments by Point of Sale (POS) system or retail card swipe terminal.
Internet Merchant Account
An Internet merchant account is a merchant account that enables businesses to accept credit card or debit card payments over the Internet and as well a payment gateway.
MOTO merchant accounts
A MOTO merchant account is as similar as a conventional internet merchant account (IMA). They both provide cardholder not present (CNP) processing solutions. MOTO merchant accounts were originally produced to address the credit card processing needs of mail order companies who accept all their sales over telephone or mail.
High Risk Merchant Accounts
If your business is considered to be in a high risk industry then you will likely need to have a high risk merchant account. The reason an industry is considered high risk is because the industry is prone to high rates of chargebacks in addition to things like adult entertainment and businesses such as Travel, Technical Support and more.
Mobile or Wireless merchant account
Mobile or Wireless merchant account is specifically designed for solo professionals, small businesses and mobile services including landscaper's consultants, lawyers, contractors, repair and tradesmen, who are constantly on the move and require a payment to processed at once.

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