We offer e-check processing services to ensure that your business accept check payments securely and reasonably over the Internet, phone, mail, via fax etc.

An electronic check by phone is better in many ways. With the help of this service, you can accept online Virtual Checks over a secure web portal. The service offers the ability to bundle transactions into a single batch file for secure and safe transmission for business.

Benefits of our e-check processing service
Our e-check processing services offers a hassle-free and economical way to get paid quicker. We offer electronic check processing services with all available benefits as illustrated below
  • Less time spent on banking and preparing deposits.
  • Automatic checks deposited into your business bank account.
  • Both Guarantee and Verification programs available.
  • Access to a secure, cutting edge virtual terminal to process checks manually.
  • Avoid the time consuming nature of traditional paper checks.
  • Assistance with API integration upon request.
  • Choose to refund payments at your discretion.
  • Have more control of the process, protecting your earnings.
  • Check by phone has a more complex chargeback process, discouraging false claims.

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