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Elivepay is a renowned name in providing quality merchant account and payment processing services. We are a team of highly talented individuals dedicated to provide our customers with affordable merchant services. Owing to years of experience in financial service industry, we have become leader in operations of state-of-the-art online processing platform.

In the present context, it is extremely difficult to get approval for a high risk merchant account from the banks or account providers but it’s not that difficult for us as we have years of long relationship with hundreds of bank or merchant account providers.

We absolutely comprehend the significance of you receiving economical programmes that allows your business to accept credit cards. Our services truly believe in the promises and values that a small or medium scale business offer to the marketplace.

This is the reason that we pride ourselves on providing services to our customer in an efficient and convenient manner. At present, accepting credit cards is essential to boost up any business. We have acquired a number of unique methods for credit card payment process, focusing on security of card holder, real-time processing and online fraud prevention.

If you are looking for legitimate payment gateway/merchant account service providers then just call us today and get all your requirements under one roof.

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